Backflow Testing & Repair

Why get your backflow device tested? 
First backflow devices work to prevent the contamination of the public water source and potentially the water going to your home. They prevent back pressure and back siphonage, in short terms it prevents water from going the opposite path.
Residential residences usually only have a backflow device for their sprinkler system. This system should prevent the water from your sprinkler system to go back to the public or into your home. The water in your sprinkler system is mostly clean until it may be contaminated by fertilizers, wild animals, fecal matter, and other chemicals. Most city ordinances only require residential residences to get their backflow device tested only upon installation. We recommend getting it tested every year. Just to ensure proper function of the device and to keep your water safe from any outside contaminants.
Any backflow devices installed on commercial property must be inspected every year.